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About İşbank

The inception of the country's first truly national bank following the promulgation of the Republic dates back to 26 August 1924, mandated by Atatürk, consequent to the First Economy Congress in İzmir. İşbank begun to operate with two branches and 37 staff under the leadership of Celal Bayar, the first General Manager to run the bank.

A Historic Mission

The Grand Victory which preceded the proclamation of the Republic order entailed a period during which resolutions to the state's economic and social problems were sought. There was a growing and deeply rooted sentiment signaling the need for a truly national establishment and the birth of a banking system that was capable of the financing means to back up economic activities, managing funds accumulated as a result of policies providing savings incentives and where necessary extending resources which could trigger industrial impetus.

A Bold Undertaking
​​The birth of a new country depended heavily on the presence of banking activities nation wide, the drive for industrial development, animating national savings, financing fundamental economic breakthroughs and the means to meet financial borrowings. The aftermath of World War I culminated in a wide array of progress, including financial services which soon took off with an accelerated pace leading to technological advances and the designation of previously unheard methods and criteria governing business. Turkey was to suffer deprivation from such innovations and lacked qualified and skilled human resources. İşbank began operating at a time of such economic strain.
Since Then...
İşbank sustains continuous growth committed to its founding principles, restoring its strength and vigour with each passing year. The Bank tops the list of Turkey's most respected and trustful enterprises, while carving itself a place among the world's largest corporations. İşbank, a publicly traded firm since its inception enjoys a peerless stakeholder base. The major shareholder of İşbank, with a 40.73 % stake, is its own pension fund. The shareholding of the Republican People's Party, which is the testamentary heir of Ataturk's shares, represents 28.09 % of the Bank's equity, and the remaining 31.18% of the Bank's capital is on free float. Today the shares are listed on the Istanbul (ISE). The Bank's market capitalization valued at TL 27,883,375 thousand by the end of December 2012 is the third one among listed companies in Turkey. As of 31 December 2012, İşbank's market value constitutes 5.07 % of the ISE market value where 390 corporations were traded and whose market value was TL 550,439,054 thousand.More...

Directors of İşbank

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© 2016 Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. All rights reserved.
© 2016 Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. All rights reserved.