Overseas Mortgages

We can offer you, our valued customers, a specific product in order to help your home purchases in Turkey. Thanks to the Isbank organization, which is well established in both countries, you can apply for this product as if you apply for it in Turkey. As Isbank London Branch, we are pleased to help you to set up your life in Turkey, which might be considered as a retirement plan or just to spend the summertime in this beautiful and colourful country.  

We aim to create understanding of our customers, which is why we know how difficult it can be to establish a new life especially in a different country. We, as a Bank, can guide you through every step, leading to a successful and smooth process before and after the purchase.

Dedicated Team

With a dedicated team working hard for you to get the best offer, we can get back to you usually within 15 working days with a conditional first offer. If you accept the conditional offer, the valuation process will start. The last offer is determined in line with the valuation process and is presented to you in maximum 10 working days, thanks to our team in Turkey. 

Up to 75% loan to value

We can provide a loan amount of up to 75% of the valuation figure, which is in Turkish Lira, with the maximum loan period of 15 years. Our interest rates will be determined in line with the affordability of the loan as well as your credibility and internal credit scoring. Our prevailing rates at the moment start from 7%.